10 free and easy slimming exercises you can do at home


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get big time slimming results. Truth is, no matter how many gym membership and fitness classes you enroll yourself in, unless you get yourself moving, it all means nothing.

For those who have neither the gift of time and money for exercise, but are still keen on getting fit and shedding a few pounds, don’t worry! Here are a few home workouts you can do without having to spend a single penny. The idea of these exercises not about losing weight fast, but to reap its long term health benefits.

1. Superman

The Superman, is a simple body-weight movement that you can do so long as there’s a flat surface. It’s primarily designed to target back muscles, a basic preventive exercise to help combat possible posture problems in the spine. Remember to perform this leisurely and carefully to avoid injuries.

2. Push-ups

Push-ups may be hard, but damn do they deliver! They may feel impossible and agonizingly painful in the beginning, but with practice, you’ll see yourself increasing your pace and count with each session. Start with attempting at least five, then when you’re finally comfortable increase your count per day.

3. Bent knee push-ups

The bent knee push-up is a variation of the regular push-up. This is perfect for those who are yet to achieve the regular push-up form. The best part about this is when you finally transition from bent knee to regular push-ups.

4. Jumping Jacks

Another oldie but goodie on the list. If you’ve ever had a Physical Ed class, you probably did a few of these. This workout routine is one of those timeless exercises because it’s so damn easy and accessible! You can even try doing these during commercials of your favorite primetime drama. From basic calisthenics to preparing for a full throttle workout, this classic is great for jolting yourself wide awake.

5. Crunches

Your primary key to getting those abs you’ve always dreamed about. This punishing (but rewarding) exercise will do wonders to your abdominal and core muscles, and surprisingly your bowel movements, too! In an article by The Nest, regular constipation may be caused by having low peristalsis, meaning your intestines don’t contract quickly enough to aid digestion. A set of crunches can help wake up and trigger your digestive tract.

6. Jogging in place

Stationary jogging is a great alternative during inclement weather, or for those who haven’t the time to go out. Though it might look silly and pointless at first, but you’ve got to admit it’s better than nothing. More to the point, you can basically do this anytime and anywhere, even within the confines of your own home! No more excuse to miss cardio!

7. Walking

Okay, you might think we’re joking but we’re not. A good short everyday walk can go a long way when it comes to your overall health. It reduces your chance for cardiovascular diseases and improves muscle strength and endurance, especially in the lower extremities. The Japanese even have what we call Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, a therapeutic technique which involve patients taking leisurely walks in forests for the proposed psychological and physiological benefits of being exposed in a green environment.

8. Dance

If the term exercise sounds too painful and clinical, add some soul into your workout through dance. Thanks to the internet, you now have an inexhaustible supply of easy to follow videos you can follow and just go crazy with!

9. Single Leg Stretch

Sculpt your abs and improve your balance with this easy to do exercise! No need to go hard to get results.

10. Squats

Besides strengthening your lower body, squats can also do wonders for your posture. Just be careful when going at it. Like everything else, take everything at a leisurely and calculated pace before going all out. Trust us, overdo your squats and you won’t be climbing any stairs anytime soon.

With these many free options to get fit, you have no excuse to laze around.

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