7 Things You Need to Know About Water Therapy for Weight Loss


From daily activities to body consumption, water is truly a necessity for people’s lives. In some cultures, water is used for curing diseases in the ancient times even until today. It is also used as a therapy for keeping the body clean and strong.

Today, aside from its usual practices, water is being used as a method for losing weight. People who undergo this process lessen their food intake and add more on their water consumption. Experts say that this method is more effective than other weight loss processes. If you’re trying to lose those extra pounds, here are ten things you need to know about water therapy method.


To start your day, drink at least 400ml of water upon waking up

Aside from its health benefits, drinking water in the morning will boost your metabolism by 24%. In this way, you already have an advantage that your food consumption will get burned faster than usual.

You should not consume other drinks such as soda, juices, and coffee

When you’re on water therapy, you should avoid drinks such as soda, juice, and coffee because even though they’re also in liquid form, they also have sugar ingredient, which is one of the reasons for weight gain.

Other than losing weight, water therapy could also keep your skin look healthy

Using water therapy as your weight loss program will not just let you get rid of those extra pounds, but it will also make your skin healthy. The water in your body will eliminate the toxins from your blood stream, thus, will boost off your skin’s natural glow.

Contrary to the myth, you can also drink cold water for this method

This weight loss myth states that cold water won’t make your belly any smaller, and it don’t have the capacity to burn fats. But according to research, the intake of cold water will enable your body to adapt to cold temperature, thus, it will force your metabolism to go faster, making you drop more pounds than by consuming lukewarm water only.

You do not need to cut off your food intake in this weight-loss program

In other diet programs, there are foods you have to cut down for you to lose weight; this should not be the case. In water therapy, you may continue your food intake, but as you consume more water first, it will make you feel full, thus, it will naturally lessen your food intake. You need not limit yourself from eating on this diet.

It makes you lose weight in a shorter period of time than other diet plans

In a study conducted, a group of 48 adults is divided into two groups: non-water drinkers and water drinkers. After 12 weeks of going through this program, water drinkers lose 15.5lbs at the average compared to non-water drinkers who only lose at the average of 11lbs. Through this study, it is proved that water really helps the body to eliminate those extra pounds compared to other weight loss programs.

It is a safer way of losing weight

Unlike any other weight loss program where you need to exhaust yourself off or cut off your food consumption, water therapy only requires drinking a lot of water. It is safer than other programs because water contains neither chemicals nor calories, which are the utmost problem with other programs.


With these things about water therapy program, it is no wonder why dieticians recommend this program to a lot of people who wants to lose weight. Aside from not shelling out a lot of money, you can also do it any time.


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