5 Easy Recipes Without the Extra Calories

  Trying to lose weight? Probably the hardest thing for you is cutting down your calorie intake. There’s nothing more painful than not eating your favorite cuisine to get rid of those extra pounds just in time for your barkada or company outing. This is particularly true to us Filipinos, as we have always been […]

Everything you need to know about colon cancer

Colon cancer is steadily becoming, if not already, one of the more dangerous threats to the health of Filipinos with over 8,000 cases diagnosed yearly according to Philippine Cancer Society, as stated in an article by the Department of Health (DOH). Colon cancer recently gained traction in popular consciousness when former president and national icon […]

Why skipping meals is ruining your diet and making your health worse

Many people think that skipping meals is the best way to lose weight. But rather than burn fat, skipping meals can cause more damage to your body. Check out this list to see why you need to stop passing on food and cherish every meal time. One word: Halitosis Or two, if you prefer the […]

Surprising facts you need to know right now about everyday foods

Sometimes we eat food we think are healthy or safe enough. But what you don’t know is that some of these foods, while not necessarily detrimental to your health, might do you harm in the long run. Here are some surprising facts about the food you eat. Alcohol You’re probably laughing, because obviously this one […]

5 reasons why you need a detox

Curious about how detoxing works? If you’re a follower of today’s trend toward wellness, you’re probably thinking about trying it but are still confused about its benefits. Detoxing has had its fair share of bad rep. Some mistake it with food deprivation, or drinking weird looking smoothies and disgusting juices. In fact, detoxing is not […]