5 foods you should include in your diet

The idea that dieting is basically cutting down food to cut down weight is a very common and problematic assumption. Diet in a greater sense is proper regulation and food intake practices, partnered with exercise. If in case you do decide to cut down, don’t resort to shortcuts. As is the case in everything else, […]

Beat the stress eating habit with these easy hacks

When stressed, we often go to junk foods and vice for comfort, neglecting their harmful effects to our overall health. Stress increases the body’s cortisol, thereby creating cravings for sweet or salty food. These cravings lead to binge eating, which in turn leads to weight gain and increases one’s chances of developing heart ailments or […]

Everything you need to know about planning a diet

Planning a diet involves more than cutting down on meals. It also has a lot do with setting the right mindset. To help you take this big step towards fitness and health, we’ve compiled a few tips from HelpGuide, a non-profit online resource for mental health and overall well-being. Take baby steps. Instead of taking […]