Top 5 workout tips to get Solenn Heussaff’s Hot Bod


Scrolling through her Instagram feed, you can be sure that It-girl Solenn Heusaff is more than glamour. She also knows the value of hard work, especially when it comes to her career and keeping her body fit. As one of the country’s sexiest women, here are a few tips we’ve learned from Solenn on getting […]

This Exercise Will Give You the Best Workout in the Shortest Time


You don’t have to spend hours at the gym. You can get fit in just 10 minutes. No, you don’t need power tools or fancy gym equipment. All you need is space and a solid determination. Interval training has been shown to help people burn more fat by alternating high intensity exercise with low recovery […]

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?


A resounding yes. A soon-to-be-mom does not have to leave it all to her food choices to be healthy for herself and the growing bundle of joy inside her belly. Contrary to the popular belief that pregnant ladies should just be resting and keeping still in their homes, women who go through normal pregnancy can […]