10 free and easy slimming exercises you can do at home

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get big time slimming results. Truth is, no matter how many gym membership and fitness classes you enroll yourself in, unless you get yourself moving, it all means nothing. For those who have neither the gift of time and money for exercise, but […]

No ifs, just butts: Benefits of having a well-shaped bum

You may not know it, hell, you may not even believe it but having a well-shaped and toned tush may have a lot of perks besides bragging rights. Here’s a little look on the health benefits and physical bonuses that comes with having a good set off buttocks. The buttocks, or the Gluteal Muscles is […]

Achieve that beach body by doing these exercises

It is never too late to have that physique you’ve always dreamed of. Have a beach-ready body the whole year round with these simple exercises:   WALKING. Walking puts all the abdominal muscles at work. While walking, don’t forget to swing your arms, contract your mid-section, and maintain a brisk pace. To achieve the aerobic […]