Experts say you can lose weight by eating more. Here’s how


Maybe you’ve heard thousands of stories of people trying to lose weight by cutting down a big portion of their regular food intake or not eating at all. This is not the right way. Depriving yourself on food while on a weight loss program will not just exhaust all your body’s energy, but it may also bring risk to your health condition. Experts said that eating more will help you lose those extra pounds, rather than not eating at all. How is that? Here are some tips that will help you on your diet plan.

Cut down Carbohydrates, Replace with Whole Grain

Everyone loves carbs. Nothing is more satisfying than eating a glorious sandwich, or for Filipinos, a meal is not a meal without rice. Good news! You can still enjoy your bread and rice while you’re on your diet, but you just have to replace them with whole-grain food such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, cereals, and waffles. These foods not just cut down the carbohydrate, which is one of the leading causes of weight gain, but they have more fiber that also helps on burning those body fats.

Instead of 3 Heavy Meals a Day, Have 6 Light Snacks a Day

According to experts, splitting your 3 meals to 6 snacks per day will help your metabolism go faster, thus, you’ll be able to digest your food intake and burn more calories per day. It will also enable you to monitor your calorie intake for the day. It is recommended to still have the three main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, only lighter than the usual and have snacks in between.

Add More Fruits and Vegetables on Your Plate

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources for nutrients that burn fats easily such as omega-3 fatty acids. You may replace your favorite French fries with a platter of sliced fruits, or add more vegetable on the dishes you’ll serve for lunch and dinner. In a study conducted, it is found out that consuming fruits before a meal will reduce your calorie intake by 15%. It is recommended to consume vegetables and fruits that are rich with fiber for it will help on reducing blood-sugar swings that make you feel like you’re always hungry.

Avoid Fatty Foods, Increase Protein Intake

Many that undergo weight loss program say that they cut off meat from their diet. It never really worked out that way. One may still enjoy meat dishes because it is the source of protein, which helps the body’s stamina and muscle growth, but make sure that it is not fried nor has more fat than the meat itself. It is recommended to eat 70 to 130 grams of protein each day to achieve the ideal weight you are aiming for.

Eat only when you’re Hungry

First, you must know if you’re really hungry or your mind tells you so. When eating, it is advised to only eat light snacks, fruits, and vegetables. Drinking water and wait for 10 minutes before eating should also be practiced because you might just be dehydrated and not hungry at all.

Depriving yourself of food to lose those extra pounds will only make the progress slower. A weight loss program consists of best food choice, good exercise, and the will to stick with it. You must help yourself in order to achieve your weight loss goal.

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