Forget coffee. Here are healthy alternatives to wake you up


Are you one of the many who count on a cup of coffee to wake yourself up in the morning? Yes, coffee is great. It might even be addictive. It helps you stay alert and might even boost your productivity. According to an article in, coffee even help relieve workplace stress. Whether you’re trying to cut back on your caffeine intake or the weather’s not really good for a cup of coffee or you just really want to forget coffee, here are healthy alternatives to jumpstart your day:

  1. Chomp on an apple

An apple a day does not only keep the doctor away but it has other magical powers too. According to Livestrong2, an apple doesn’t provide the stimulation that coffee can, but it does fuel your body with more energy while helping to stabilize blood sugar. It contains fructose and this type of sugar is more slow acting than table sugar, so instead of getting a sugar high and crash, it will be a more steady stream of energy for the rest of the day.

  1. Less (or NO) carbs for breakfast

Eating a lot of carbs for breakfast will make you end up crashing after a few hours. While fruit and whole grain cereal are fine morning choices, your breakfast carbohydrates still need to be balanced with some protein foods for more enduring energy, Prevention3 says. The fat-free milk or low-fat yogurt you add to the cereal will work. Or go for eggs or egg substitutes with a muffin or a slice of whole grain toast.

  1. Brew some matcha green tea

Matcha green tea has some slightly less caffeine than a cup of coffee but it helps give you enough boost to start your day. Aside from it’s easier to make than coffee and that it might help you shed unwanted pounds, it will also keep you going for longer. Unlike coffee which gives you adrenaline spikes and jitters, matcha creates a calm alertness. There are no spikes and crashes and your adrenaline is just at a steady level.

  1. Fruit Smoothies / Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice

Not your regular orange juice in cartons! Take time to cut your fruit (orange, bananas, mangoes, strawberries, etc.) and either squeeze them for a really fresh fruit juice or add some yoghurt and blend for some smoothie. Just have one big gulp or take it on your way to work.

  1. Lemon Water

Yes, this is not anything like coffee. But waking up with a cup of warm lemon water gently wakes up your liver and kicks off your system on the right foot.

  1. Exercise!

          Do some form of morning exercise to help you release fatigue and to help you wake up. Be sure to make this your daily morning routine but do not forget to add variations to keep your body moving.

Who says only coffee can energize your morning? These are just a few tips to help you wake up!

Have you tried any of these alternatives before? What’s your favorite coffee substitute? Tell us in the comments below.

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