Jennylyn Mercado, 2015 FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman Alive, Is a Cheater


(Disclaimer: This is about her diet.)

The GMA-star rose to the top of FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman Alive polls and ahead of other regulars of the men’s magazine Andrea Torres and Ellen Adarna and Marian Rivera. This isn’t the first time the triathlon and mom to Baby Jazz has been part of the list but her allure shone brightest this year, following a string of successes in the recent MMFF and Awards.

But I repeat; Jennylyn is a cheater. I mean, she consumes so many sweets but still manages to be so disgustingly sexy. It just isn’t fair to all of us. She even takes pictures of the delicious sugary devils and posts them on Instagram to make us all weep in envy.

Need proof? Here are some:

Haaaaaayyyy….😍 #yum #godiva

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Chocolate-coated strawberries. How tempting. But come to think of it, these shouldn’t make you feel so guilty. Both strawberries and chocolates are nutrient-filled superfood, packed with antioxidants like Vitamin C and disease-fighting flavenoids. A combination of the two will sure keep you fired up the entire day.


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Cinnamon-raisin bread. Dieters try their best to keep their hands off white bread, which is how it should be. A whole-wheat or a whole-grain raisin bread like this is the better alternative since it’s rich in magnesium, fiber, zinc and vitamin e.

😁 yep! We all deserve the best! ❤️

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Ice cream. This cold and creamy goodness might cause lactose intolerance to some because it is dairy-based. It also considered a fat-food due to all the cholesterol and sugar but ice cream is generally is a great source of energy and a dietary source of vitamins and minerals.

Thank you FX family! #sweet

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Mango ice cream cake. It might sound like a double whammy because well, it’s an ice cake, but to me, the benefits of mangoes make it all okay.

Flaxseed bread with almond butter spread and banana!❤️

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Flaxseed bread with almond butter spread and banana. It sounds as delicious as it is a mouthful to describe. It is also very healthy. Flaxseed bread is loaded with fiber, essential fatty acids and phytoestrogens that act as antioxidants. Almonds help reduce cholesterol and are a good source of phosphorus for bones and teeth and bananas provide potassium and minerals.

Jennylyn is the perfect testament that the road to a healthier and sexier body doesn’t mean depriving yourself of treats and desserts. Where’s the fun in that? Just make sure to burn it all on the threadmill afterwards.

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